What is the HUBZone and Who Qualifies?

Below is the information the Page County Economic Development & Tourism puts out on the HUBZone:


Do Business in our County-wide HUBZone! 


Page County is one of a few HUBZones in the Shenandoah Valley and is the only county-wide HUBZone in the northern portion of Virginia.

Federal contracting opportunities for HUBZone businesses may include the following:

  • 3% of all federal prime contract dollars is targeted to HUBZone businesses
  • Set-aside awards
  • Sole source awards
  • 10% price evaluation preference (PEP) in full and open contract competitions
  • Subcontracting opportunities


HUBZone eligibility requirements include:

  • Principal office located in a HUBZone
  • At least 35% of employees must reside in a HUBZone
  • Small by SBA standards for selected NAICS codes
  • Ownership and control by at least 51% of U.S. citizens

Become a Certified HUBZone business today!
Completed applications are generally finalized in about 90 days. It may take more or less time depending on the specifics of the application. The application timeline provides a more specific breakdown and the Application Guide is a useful tool for businesses to best prepare for completing an online application.  


Need assistance identifying space, workforce or have certification questions? 

Call the Page County Economic Development & Tourism at: (540) 743-1216.



Learn About the Benefits!

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The US Small Business Administration provides Government Contract assistance to qualified small firms located in Historically Underutilized Business zones, known as HUB zones. The purpose of the assistance provided to HUB zone businesses is to increase local employment opportunities, stimulate investment, and empower communities through economic leveraging.


Page County is one of a few HUB zones in the Shenandoah Valley and is the only county-wide HUB zone in the northern portion of Virginia. By locating in Page County, qualified small businesses have access to the special advantages of the HUB zone, when seeking government contracts.


One way HUB zone entities benefit is through government contract ‘set-asides’, whereby all Federal government purchases within a certain value range are automatically set-aside for small businesses. In addition the Federal Government has a goal of awarding 3% of prime contract and sub-contract dollars to HUB zone businesses.


When competitively bidding for government contracts HUB zone businesses receive a 10% price evaluation preference. SBA guidelines state “…a contracting officer must deem the price offered by a qualified HUB Zone firm to be lower than the price offered by another … if the price offered by the qualified HUB Zone firm is not more than 10% higher than the otherwise lowest….”


The Small Business Administration (SBA) regulates and implements the HUB Zone program by determining which businesses are eligible, maintaining lists of qualified HUB Zone firms, and adjudicating disputes. Eligibility rules require that a company be a small business by SBA standards, have its principal office and at least 35% of employees in a designated HUB Zone, and be 51% US owned and controlled. Eligible firms may apply to the SBA via an online application. To learn more about the HUB Zone program visit:


The Page County Economic Development Authority (EDA) is the entity charged with the mandate “to better the welfare of the citizens of the community; to promote the economic growth and development of Page County; and to acquire, own, lease, and dispose of properties to promote industry and develop trade by inducing manufacturing, industrial, governmental, and commercial enterprises to locate in or remain in Page County.” The EDA is comprised of persons representing all of the towns and geographic zones of Page County. It is governed by an appointed board that meets on a monthly basis. For more information on the EDA visit