Flavors to Savor – Your Guide to Food in Luray-Page County


Flavors to Savor – Your Guide to Food in Luray-Page County


Food is something everyone can connect over. Whether you like juicy burgers, cheesy nachos, a good cup of coffee, or something sweet, Luray-Page County has plenty of food you to enjoy. With a variety of flavors to savor, we know you won’t be disappointed.



American cuisine offers a wide range of foods. With traditional offers such as juicy burgers, steak, seafood, or even BBQ options, there’s an American style dish to cure your cravings. In Luray-Page County, there are restaurants that serve up new and traditional American cuisine everywhere you turn.


Brookside Restaurant

2978 US 211 East, Luray

(540) 743-5698

Brookside Restaurant offers up a menu filled with traditional Country style food. Located just outside of downtown Luray, they offer everything from burgers and fries to steak, and even some tasty desserts to finish your meal off with. Brookside also offers outdoor dining options.


Circa ‘31 at the Mimslyn Inn

401 West Main Street, Luray

(540) 743-5105

Located inside the historic Mimslyn Inn, Circa ’31 serves up delicious and elegant food that is perfect for anyone. The talented chef and kitchen staff work to put interesting twists on classic dishes. They offer brunch on Sundays, and dinner throughout the week. Outdoor dining is available on the front patio.



9 Campbell Street, Luray

(540) 743-4586

Delicious pizza, yummy sandwiches, and even bread options, Domino’s Pizza seems to have it all. They offer carry-out service for all of their menu items, as well as delivery service for anyone up to 10 miles away from the store.


Hank’s Grille

49 Bloomer Springs Road, McGaheysville

(540) 289-7778

Hank’s Grille not only offers its guests a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, but a menu filled with delicious barbecue options. Everything on their menu is a twist on traditional barbecue, with a few other tasty things added in. They serve dinner every night of the week, as well as brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Outdoor dining is available.


Hardee’s of Luray

607 East Main Street, Luray

(804) 896-6825

A local fast-food restaurant, Hardee’s of Luray offers locals and visitors a chance to grab a hot and quick meal. With a delicious breakfast and lunch menu, they feature chicken, burgers and more. They offer indoor dining, as well as a drive-thru.


Jess’ Main Street Bar & Grill

915 East Main Street, Luray

(540) 669-5236

Jess’ Main Street Bar & Grill offers up classic American favorites. You’ll find hotdogs, burgers, sandwiches, desserts, and more. A family owned restaurant, they make sure their food is hot, fresh, and always delicious for their visitors to enjoy.


Ollie Cat Cafe

219 W Main Street, Luray

(540) 669-5981

One of Luray’s newest restaurants, Ollie Cat Café is a traditional American bar and grill. Their head chef has created a menu with everything from burgers to pasta dishes. They also offer homemade dipping sauces and dressings. In addition to their menu, they also offer a full bar.





Rudy’s Diner

418 North Fifth Street, Shenandoah

(540) 652-2002

If you’re looking for a dinner that serves up fresh and delicious food, make your way to Rudy’s Diner. They offer traditional dinner fare, such as pancakes, burgers, and other classic Southern staples. With an atmosphere that will make anyone feel like family, they have something for everyone.


Rudy’s Roadside

4768 US Highway 211 West, Luray

(540) 652-2002

Are you looking for just a quick bite to eat? Rudy’s Roadside offers up dishes such as BBQ, grilled cheese, and other American style food that’s perfect for a quick lunch.


Taste: The Southern Market

609 South Third Street, Shenandoah

(540) 652-0466

Taste: The Southern Market gives its guest the chance to enjoy items from their deli. With fresh meats and cheeses, they can make sandwiches, or just give you what you need to go. In addition to their deli offerings, they also have some tasty southern fried chicken


Triple Crown BBQ

1079 US Highway 211 West, Luray

(540) 743-5311

Whether you want traditional BBQ or something like chicken or even sausage, Triple Crown BBQ can take care of you. This award-winning BBQ is open Spring-Fall and has a menu of traditional favorites, and even some amazing sides. Outdoor dining is available.






West Main Market

123 West Main Street, Luray

(540) 743-1125

West Main Market is a quaint little deli that offers an extensive selection of sandwiches to its visitors. From hot sandwiches to fresh deli sandwiches, they have something for everyone. In addition, West Main Market also serves up daily soup specials, as well as salad options, and some tasty sides. Outdoor dining is available.



It seems like everywhere you go, there are always Mexican restaurants to checkout. One thing they all have in common is the use of traditional ingredients like beans, peppers, meat and more. Another thing that most Mexican restaurants have also incorporated is the use of new ingredients and flavors from other cultures to elevate their food. While in Luray-Page County, you’ll find some great spots that serve up traditional Mexican dishes.


Camino Real

1599 US Highway 340 Business, Luray

(540) 743-5300

Family owned and operated, Camino Real serves up fresh and delicious dishes that are made from family recipes passed down through generations. From tacos to more complex dishes, you won’t be disappointed when you eat with them.


Mr. Garcia’s Mexican Grille & Cantina

211 Quincy Avenue, Shenandoah

(540) 742-8655

A newer take on Mexican food, Tex-Mex is Mr. Garcia’s Mexican Grille & Cantina’s specialty. More Americanized Mexican food, their burritos, nachos, and drinks are a must try when you’re visiting Luray-Page County.



Some of the oldest recipes in the world, Italian food is something that seems to be a staple everywhere you go. From comfort foods like spaghetti to some lighter fair like bruschetta, Italian food is something that everyone seems to know how to make. Restaurants that serve up traditional Italian fare are something to cherish in our local communities.


Il Vesuvio Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

402 West Main Street, Luray

(540) 743-2200

Luray’s newest Italian restaurant, Il Vesuvio features a wide variety of traditional Italian cuisine. In addition to their traditional dishes, they also offer up some great pizzas, appetizers, and even unique desserts to help satisfy your sweet tooth. If you don’t feel like eating at the restaurant, they also offer free delivery within 10 miles of the store. Outdoor dining is available.

Mamma Mia Italian Restaurant

701 South Third Street, Shenandoah

(540) 652-6062

With over 20 years of service, it’s not hard to see why Mamma Mia Italian Restaurant is a local favorite. They serve up traditional Italian dishes that come from family recipes. With pastas, seafood, and more, you’re sure to have a mouthwatering dish that’s accompanied by fantastic service. Outdoor dining is available.


Beer, Wine, and Whiskey

Who doesn’t love starting their weekend with a good strong drink? The popularity of craft breweries, local vineyards and wineries, and distilleries is on the rise. In Luray-Page County, you’ll find plenty of places to grab a drink after a long week.


Castle Vineyard

2150 Mims Road, Luray

(571) 283-7150

Opened on Saturdays and Sundays, Castle Vineyard serves up tastings of wine from Barron Ridge, a vineyard just over the mountain. With a cozy basement to enjoy a round of pool, a tasting room to enjoy your wine in, or a porch with stunning views, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your wine in style.






Copper Fox Distillery

9 River Lane, Sperryville

(540) 987-8554

The first North American distillery to build a traditional malt floor and kiln since the repeal of Prohibition. Copper Fox Distillery sells whiskey they age right on site. With a tasting room that’s pet friendly, tours of their facilities, and plenty of options to take home.


Hawksbill Brewing Company

22 Zerkel Street, Luray

(540) 860-5608

Luray’s own craft brewery, the Hawksbill Brew Co. is the place to checkout if you like beer. They use as many local ingredients as possible to make the beers they create right on site. With a tap list that features different beers, you can enjoy them at the brewery, or grab a couple cans to take with you. Outdoor seating is available.


River Hill Wine and Spirits

356 Ruffners Ferry Road, Luray

(540) 843-0890

The whiskey lover in your life deserves a trip to River Hill Distillery. Crafted from crops they grow themselves, River Hill offers bourbon whiskey, corn whiskey, and fruit wines. When you visit them, you can enjoy samplings of what they have available and a tour of their facility.


The Valley Cork

55 East Main Street, Luray

(540) 860-9055

Luray-Page County’s only wine bar, The Valley Cork has wine from around the world, as well as beers, ciders, and mixed drinks. When you visit them, you’ll also have the option of enjoying food from their unique menu. Make sure to try their homemade sangria, too.





Wisteria Farm & Vineyard

1126 Marksville Road, Stanley

(540) 742-5215

The perfect spot for spending an afternoon with friends, Wisteria Farm & Vineyard is a truly unique vineyard in Stanley. A variety of wines made from grapes that are grown on the property, they offer up wine that will tickles anyone’s fancy. They also are a working farm where visitors can enjoy the sheep, chickens, and other farm animals.


Coffee and Tea

The smell of freshly brewed coffee, the comfort of a warm cup of tea, and a cozy place to read a book or meet with friends are just some of the reasons that coffee and tea shops have become so popular. Whether you want your morning energy, something to help get you through the afternoon, or want to try new flavors, coffee and tea is an important part of almost everyone’s day.


Broad Porch Coffee

20 West Main Street, Luray

(540) 669-0421

Everyone’s new favorite coffee spot, Broad Porch Coffee is located in the heart of downtown Luray. A simple menu with traditional coffee and tea choices, as well as delicious food options, Broad Porch is the perfect place to spend a quiet morning or catch up with old friends.


Compass Tea Room

5 Broad Street, Luray

(540) 669-5973

Who doesn’t find a cup of warm tea comforting. The Compass Tea Room in Luray has a variety of teas from all over the world. In addition to their fantastic tea offerings, they also sell fair trade retail items like clothing and jewelry.







Packed with spice and flavor, Indian food is unlike any other. From using traditional ingredients to melding it with new flavors, you’ll find tradition dishes with new twists to really pack in the flavor and leave you wanting more.


Happy Mini Mart & Deli

822 East Main Street

(540) 669-5134

If you want a taste of something new, Happy Mini Mart & Deli has you covered. The owners have brought traditional Indian dishes with them and cook up daily options. Along with their friendly customer service, the food that Happy Mini Mart & Deli serves up is a favorite of all who visit them.


Sweet Treats

Baby Moons

113 East Main Street, Luray

(540) 669-6249

Whether you’re looking for freshly made pastries, breakfast, or even lunch, Baby Moons is the place to go. This small bakery in Luray offers a variety of baked goods and other foods that are perfect to go with your friends. Outdoor dining is available.


Flotzie’s Soft Serve Ice Cream

1034-B US Highway 211 West, Luray

(540) 742-2531

In the summer when you need a cold treat to get through your day, make sure to check out Flotzie’s Soft Serve Ice Cream. A small ice cream stand, they offer weekly flavors, classic favorites, and many other sweet treats for you to enjoy. Outdoor seating available.







Karen’s Frozen Favorites

115 Maryland Avenue, Shenandoah

(540) 652-2004

Who doesn’t love a good ice cream cone to end a hot day? At Karen’s Frozen Favorites, in Shenandoah, you’ll find classic favorites like swirl cones, milkshakes and more. You can find them at their ice cream stand every day from April through September. Outdoor seating available.


Luray Fudge

970 US Highway 211 West, Luray

(540) 743-3556

Everyone loves a good piece of homemade fudge. At Luray Fudge, you’ll find delicious homemade fudge of all kinds. In addition to the delicious fudge (which they’ve sold over 100 tons of), they make other freshly baked goods like cookies and pretzels.


McWhirter’s Scottish Oatcakes


(410) 610-1332

Do you have a sweet tooth, but are trying to watch the amount of sugar you eat? McWhriter’s Scottish Oatcakes makes deliciously sweet, yet healthy oatcakes. Sold in various locally owned shops throughout Luray-Page County, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth without blowing your diet.


Main Street Bakery and Catering

127 East Main Street, Luray

(540) 743-6909

Whether you want freshly baked bread, yummy pastries, or even breakfast options, make sure to stop in Main Street Bakery and Catering. They offer fresh baked goods that are made daily. You can place special orders with Chef Chuck or stop in to see what they’re offering each day. Outdoor dining available.





Total Health

111 Pennsylvania Avenue, Shenandoah

(540) 218-4949.

Who says having something sweet can’t be good for you, too? Total Health, in Shenandoah, is a smoothie bar that offers a variety of drinks and even breads and other baked goods. The products they use are all designed to help with immune health, gut health, and more to give you something sweet but also to keep your body healthy.