A Little Something for Everyone in Luray-Page County


A Little Something for Everyone in Luray-Page County


It can be hard to plan a trip that will keep your whole family interested. With museums, delicious restaurants, a variety of shops, plenty of adventures, and more, Luray-Page County truly has something for everyone.


Adventure Seekers

Nothing is more exciting than finding new adventures when you’re on vacation. Luray-Page County has plenty of chances to play around and keep your adventurous side happy.


When you plan a trip to Luray-Page County, no matter if it’s late spring, in the summer, or in the early fall, make sure to take advantage of our River Outfitters. From kayaking down the south fork of the  Shenandoah River to leisurely floating in a tube or canoe, Shenandoah River Adventures, Shenandoah River Outfitters, and Downriver Canoe Company offer visitors plenty of activities to cool down and explore something new.


For those who prefer adventures in the forest, hiking is your activity. Shenandoah National Park is home to over 500 miles of trails for hikers of all ages and experiences to enjoy. From trails that are perfect for kids to ones that will make even the most experienced hikers to trek through, you’re sure to find a trail to suit you. If you love to adventure in the woods but want something a little easier, you’re in luck.  The Hawksbill Greenway, Lake Arrowhead, Ed Good Memorial Park, Ralph H. Dean Recreation Park, and Big Gem Park all offer visitors a place to enjoy a nice stroll through nature. But, before you hit any trails, make sure that you have the proper gear. Whether you need new boots, a new pack, or even new clothes for your hiking adventures, you can stop in at Appalachian Trail Outfitters for whatever you may need.


Anyone that enjoys the adrenaline that flying high offers should check out Bear Mountain Zipline. Even if you don’t have experience with ziplining, their guides will help you zip through their 50 acres of forest. For the little ones, they also have a ropes kid’s course and a climbing wall. If you fancy yourself a climber, the Rope Adventure Park at Luray Caverns. This unique rope course has 2 levels, giving adventurers a chance to test their skills.


Horseback riding is another unique adventure visitors can enjoy. Trotting through the woods on the back of friendly horses is something that everyone in your family can enjoy. Fort Valley Ranch, Jordan Hollow Stables, or River’s Bend Ranch will offer visitors a chance to ride whether they want to explore the mountains, the forest, or the Shenandoah River. Each of these offers riding for a variety of riding experiences.



History Buffs

Luray-Page County is filled to the brim with history. Between local history, history in the Shenandoah National Park, and plenty of Civil War History, the history buff in your family is sure to have a great time.

One of the most popular ways to learn about some of the local history is with a trip to Luray Caverns. On your tour through the caverns, you’ll get lots of history about the finding of the caverns, how it became the major attraction it is today, and more. After that, head over to the Car & Carriage Caravan Museum, the Shenandoah Heritage Village, and Toy Town Junction. All these museums offer a unique look back into the history that fills the area. After you’ve done Luray Caverns, head just a little south to Shenandoah Caverns. Visitors get tons of history about their cavern system, a walk down Main Street of Yesteryear, which houses animated window displays and have a chance to check out the American Celebration on Parade Museum that’s filled with old school and classic parade floats.


If you’re more interested in local history, we have you covered. Here at the Luray-Page County Visitor Center, we have an entire train exhibit. Put together by members of the community, it features a replica of the rail lines that run through the county (there are even buttons that will make the train go around the tracks), as well as artifacts and other items that celebrate the history of the railroad in Luray-Page County. The Town of Shenandoah Museum & Welcome Center also offers a unique perspective on railroad history, local military history, and more. Another way to learn about local history is with a visit to the Shenandoah National Park. They feature archives from the building of the Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive, stories of the people that once lived there, and historic places, they have tons to learn and discover. 


For those that like TV history, make sure to stop in at Cooter’s Place in the Valley. This local attraction is home to tons of memorabilia from the classic tv show The Dukes of Hazzard. You can browse classic items that were themed after the show, a museum of Cooter’s Garage, and more. While you’re there, you might get to meet Ben Jones, who played Cooter on the show, enjoy some delicious food at Rudy’s Roadside, and relive your childhood.



Whether you want juicy burgers, tender steaks, authentic Italian, or just sweet treats, the foodies in your group are sure to enjoy eating and drinking their way through Luray-Page County.


Who doesn’t love a tasty breakfast and hot cup of coffee or tea? While visiting Luray-Page make sure to try the breakfast at Rudy’s Diner in the town of Shenandoah. They serve up fresh and hot southern breakfast favorites. For coffee lovers, you can grab coffee from Broad Porch Coffee. Their baristas serve up delicious and hot (or cold if that’s your thing) coffees and pastries for you to enjoy. Compass Tea has a selection of ethically sourced teas for you to enjoy, which are perfect for breakfast, or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.


When it’s time to refuel for lunch, put in an order at West Main Market. With a huge menu and the option to customize your choices, you won’t be disappointed. Or, if you prefer ethnic food, stop in at the Happy Mini Mart. You’ll find a menu filled with authentic Nepali and Indian food that’s packed with flavor.  What about the Italian options for lunch or dinner? If Italian food and pizza is what you’re craving, you can visit Mamma Mia Italian Restaurant or Il Vesuvio Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria. Both places serve up authentic Italian recipes and delicious pizza options.


Why not treat yourself for dinner while you’re in Luray-Page County? If you want a nice date night with delicious food, the Speakeasy at The Mimslyn Inn is a must-visit. Their menu is full of southern favorites, steaks, and burgers. If it’s a weekend and you want a meal that’s a great end to your trip, Triple Crown BBQ is the place to try. From slow-smoked chicken to juicy brisket and pork, it’s no wonder they’re ranked #4 in the entire state for BBQ.


And we can’t forget the sweet treats. Kids young and old love ice cream. In Luray-Page County, you’ll get two options for ice cream treats. Flotzie’s offers up a menu full of delicious soft serve treats. Karen’s Frozen Favorites down in Shenandoah also has everyone’s favorite soft serve treats like cones, shakes, and more. For the chocolate lovers, make sure to visit the Luray Fudge Company. With over 100 tons of fresh, homemade fudge sold, they have a variety of options from fudge to cookies to lemonade you can enjoy.



Everyone has people that LOVE shopping in their groups. Throughout Luray-Page County there are tons of shops that have everything you could want.


If you want fresh produce, meats, and dairy, you can stop a Massanutten Country Corner. They offer tons of great souvenirs, as well as a farm stand that has locally grown and sourced foods. Willow Grove Market has tons of fresh produce that are grown right here in Page County. They also have plenty of meat options, seafood, and dairy. Heard’s Cedar Hill Farm Market is just outside the town of Luray and not only has fresh and local produce, meats, and dairy, but also offers fishing gear, camping items, and more.


If clothes are more your thing, stop in at Henhouse Shoppe. This women’s boutique offers styles and sizes for all women. Curated, in downtown Luray, offers clothing, unique collectables, and more. The Hawksbill Trading Company houses a multitude of vendors that sell a variety of items. Whether you’re looking for jewelry, collectables, décor, or more, they have what you’re looking for. The Shenandoah General Store in the town of Shenandoah is home to classy décor, Virginia-Made items, and more. Virginia Gift Shop is the place to stop in if you want to get interesting knickknacks, funny gifts, and even high-end chocolate. Nest & Hive also gives shoppers a chance to get unique decorations, stylish clothes, and things like classic candies, cookbooks, and more.


No matter what kind of people your group is made up of, Luray-Page County is the perfect August getaway. With plenty to do for adventure seekers, tons to learn for history buffs, delicious flavors for the foodies, and plenty of shopping options for the shopaholics, you’re sure to find something for everyone.