Women in Business Lunch

Women in Business Lunch

Description: Join us at The Valley Cork, 55 East Main Street for this month’s Women in Business Lunch. Our guest speaker will be Jay Foreman, 2nd Story Communications, and his presentation will be on communication: The Key to Getting Results which will include ways to discover your “why” and develop personal communication strategies that emphasize empathy. Jay Foreman is a John Maxwell certified Leadership trainer. He has a master’s degree in Executive Leadership and over a decade of experience presenting to businesses, non-profits, schools, and churches. Jay brings to the table a combination of business experience and applicable real-world leadership knowledge. Jay is an award-winning, best-selling author as well as a certified virtual presenter. He has been featured on television, radio, newspaper, and magazines. More information can be found at jaywforeman.com.

Lunch will be provided by the Valley Cork and will cost $15 for Chamber Members and $20 for Potential Members. Thank you to Andersen Corporation for sponsoring this year’s Women in Business events. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to events@luraypage.com or 540-743-3915 by Friday, June 24th.

Women in Business aims to provide resources and engagement for personal and professional development among entrepreneurial women, offer a space of fellowship and networking among peers, and support the next generation of young entrepreneurs in, and around, Page County. This event provides the opportunity to meet other professional women and form deeper connections within the community. We welcome women entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals of all levels eager to network and create connections. This diverse community of women is dedicated to helping and supporting one another as they address the barriers that women in business can face. This is the perfect chance for the women of the Page County business community to get together, enjoy a delicious lunch, and learn about ways to succeed.


Location: The Valley Cork, 55 East Main Street, Luray


Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/526154392435527