Page Public Forum on Nonviolent Protests in the Disinformation Age

Page Public Forum on Nonviolent Protests in the Disinformation Age


The Page County Public Forum is proud to present an upcoming community discussion on peaceful protests and disinformation. Our honored guest Moderator  and Commentator is Amy Marshak.  Ms Marshak graduated summa cum laud from New York University School of Law, where she was a senior executive editor of the NYU Law Review and was awarded the University Graduation Prize.  She received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University. She is currently serving as Senior Counsel, at the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy & Protection at Georgetown Law Center.  She will be leading a discussion among several of our community leaders,  touching on some of  the following questions:  The right to peaceful protest is fundamental to our American democracy.  Recently, however,  we have come the question of how can we counter outside  extremism and discourse at public events such as riots?  How should private citizens and law enforcement react to would be looters and agitators to avoid violence? Does any private group have a role to play in protecting protestors?  Can nonviolent protests reduce discrimination in our own community?  What differences have these marches made in our community? What actions were taken to avoid violence? What is the future of the youth movement?How can media support the constitutional goals of protests such that it does not increase the notoriety of extremists or apply a false equivalence between peaceful protestors and extremists? 

We hope you will Zoom in with us at Meeting ID: 821 4706 1779 

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