Hi-Horse Cloggers

Hi-Horse Cloggers

Description: The Hi-Horse cloggers of stanardsville virginia is a nonprofit organization founded in 1955. The Club is under the direction of Crystal Morris ; Savannah Bishop, Nikki Rogers, Jennifer Ryan Associate directors. Penny Weakley Secretary and Stacie Collier Photographer. The Hi-Horse cloggers has steadily grown from 6 member’s to approximately 50 ranging in ages from 5 to 72. The cloggers perform throughout virginia at both private and public functions. Many of the member’s have participated in competitions and have won several trophies. Numerous performance routines are choreographed by member’s of the club. One of the routines, Fire in the Rain was choregraphed by Gertrude Cox and published by stepping times, a world wide publication. Other routines ,Rhythm of Love and Party Rock Anthem, were choreographed by Collen Ward and posted on Clogdancing.com in April 2012. Sunday Drive choreographed by Crystal Morris in 2001.

The traditional style of clogging is promoted by the Hi-Horse Cloggers through their performances and teaching. Although this style of clogging is slowly giving way to a more modern dance method, some of what is included in their performance’s, they are striving to keep all the traditional style alive as it a part of our American Heritage.

Performances are free to attend, and are held at Skyland (mile 41.7 & 42.5 on Skyline Drive) in the Mountain Room.

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Location: Shenandoah National Park -3655 US Highway 211East, Luray

Website: www.facebook.com/events/330228544501583